Dark Heart Vayne (The Blank Page)

Dark Heart Vayne (The Blank Page)

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Hey ppl! , I tought i might aswell upload my latest work :P, And PLEASE come with critics! both good and bad are welcome , been trying to improve my graphic work latly so i need someone to tell me how i fair ^^


This skin (Dark Heart Vayne) is based on the Valentine Skin , A.K.A (Heartseeker Vayne)

It's not much , but it has the following

*Complete Recolouring*
*Details Change*
*Some minor tweaks on the patterns/textures

So yeah! , i hope you enjoy it! , oh and as i said, please give some criticism ^^

And sr for my bad english xD

Peace out! Yours : The Blank Page

Eu Nordic & East - General FatCat

(FOR BEST INSTALLMENT , USE SIU (Skin Installer Ultimate)


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