Shadow the Hedgehog as Shen v9

Shadow the Hedgehog as Shen v9

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This is a complete Shadow the Hedgehog skin for Shen.

This skin includes
[*] Shadow sound effects
[*] Spell and Character menu Re-naming (to Shadow)
[*] Hud Spell Icons and minimap icons
[*] New 3d Models for particle attacks
[*] New Textures for particles
[*] New 3d model and texture for the character.
[*] Champion Select Images and sounds
[*] Textures for sonic, super shadow, etc
(Change log in the download)

Culmination of a ton of tutorials and lack of sleep, thank you everyone.

I am pretty new to LoL, Shen is the only character I am any good at, so that is why I choose him. Shadow was just a personal color preference and the sonic part comes from the genesis part of my childhood that still makes me happy.

==================== INSTALL ====================
To install this skin,
run the program named "Skin Installer Ultimate.exe" downloaded free from
(Please note, raf manager will not be able to install most of the files in this skin)
let it update, then drag and drop all the files in this download over it
click add to database, then go to the install skins tab
click the check boxes of the skins you want, then click install


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