[FYR] Orianna - The Wooden Clockwork {Bonus Incl}

[FYR] Orianna - The Wooden Clockwork {Bonus Incl}

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Hey guys,

====== Fixed Issues ======

Orianna changing back to her original skin once she uses her abilities (Extra textures Issue).

Wrong Readme, right one is included as of now (I have issues, lol).

Orianna's ball changing back to her original skin once she uses an ability (Particle Issue).

====== |||||||||||||| ======

[IMPORTANT!] The example picture only shows 4 skins, but this bundle has 8. The second example picture will be visible once downloaded, thank you.

So here I am, yet again, releasing a new skin for the newest addition to the league; Orianna. I am not quite satisfied with the result so far, so I might update the skin in the future. I am going to include 8 (!) skins in this bundle. Four of them being Wooden Orianna, two of them being Void Orianna, one of them being a normal Puppet Orianna, and a Dark Orianna. I'll go ahead and upload them one by one, so you'll have to be patient for me to finish all of them.
I somehow always pictured Orianna to be a wooden doll, so I transformed her into one. Seems like RIOT Games thought the same thing, only they created a ragdoll version of her.

This bundle includes:
- Wooden Orianna
(Dark Tinted)

{Bonus skins!}
- Void Orianna

- Puppet Orianna {Will be added later

- Dark Orianna

It might include, once requested:
- Splash Screens
- Particles [Might need some help here]

Feel free to comment all you wish. Constructive comments, whether negative or positive, are appreciated the most.

EDIT: 13-06-2011 : 10.000 views! Holy smokes!

~ Fyridor.

P.S. You can suggest skins of me to do, as I still accept them, but I'm going to finish Arameraz's Pantheon first, which I have problems with at the moment and I'll probably start playing League of Legends too, once I am done with that skin. So I'll have less time to skin, but I'm still human, right? :)

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